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The Living Home Consultation

Transform your home into a "Living Home" that supports you and your life by changing harmful
environmentalstresses into the energies of healing, partnership, happiness and success that
you need in your life 
The Living Home is created through Shendo Feng Shui - the only form of feng shui based on actual perception of the environmental energies that are affecting every area of your life and well-being. Shendo feng shui is taught in the Shendo Feng Shui Training to graduates of the Energy Awareness Training.

"Since implementing your recommendations in the Living Home, I have never been happier and never felt more at home. I have far more energy and I am sleeping better than I have for years."
Robin T. Hants
Energy Awareness (EA) is a uniquely powerful method of restoring essential health and life-supporting energies that have been lost from your body or your home. This story describes how using Energy Awareness to eliminate a harmful environmental energy - an "environmental stress" - from her home helped Pamela avoid hospitalisation and electro-shock therapy. And make a rapid recovery from serious, clinical depression.

"I still say again, thank you so much for your help with my flat, I'm amazed at the difference in
feeling. Clearly, having not experienced it consciously
before I did not believe that the placement of things could have such a powerful effect."
Maire M, UK

Gas Pipe Blues
adapted from:

Pamela, an attractive but nervous and exhausted woman in her early 30s, first came to see us with her sister, because she was too incapacitated to drive herself. She sat huddled in her chair, her eyes downcast, trembling as she tried to explain why she had come.

In essence, the problem was that she’d spent the last few months sitting on the floor in the corner of her kitchen, crying. As a result, her husband had just agreed, with her psychiatrist, that he would have her committed, the following week, to a psychiatric unit where she would undergo electro-shock therapy.

Pamela said she had a good relationship with her husband and, before they moved to their new house a year earlier, she'd been fine. She had no idea why she felt so bad but she didn’t feel that hospitalization with electro-shock therapy was the answer.

Energy Awareness tests showed that the energy of Pamela’s nervous system was being damaged by a strong environmental stress entering the frontal lobes of her brain. In other words, she was being exposed to a harmful energy in her home. Since the stress was current - it wasn’t just an energy to which she'd been exposed in the past - we decided to visit Pamela’s home to see what we could find.

When we arrived at the house, we discovered the same environmental stress that was in Pamela, entering the front of the building from a manhole cover over a gas pipe in the street. The signal was strongest at the front of the house - the areas where Pamela spent most of her time - the kitchen, the lounge and her side of the bedroom.

When we used an instrument to temporarily block the environmental stress, Pamela’s body immediately started eliminating it - a good prognosis for recovery. Unlike her husband and daughter, who left for work and school in the morning, Pamela was exposed to this signal most of every day. She had also reached an age where she wasn’t able to eliminate it anywhere near as efficiently as her child. And her husband was often out in the evenings at the gym, so less exposed to it. Pamela’s exposure and vulnerability to the environmental stress were both much greater than that of the rest of her family.

When the gas company investigated, at our request, they discovered that a clamp had come loose on the pipe. They thought the pipe may, consequently, have been emitting a subsonic vibration as the gas flowed through it. As soon as they fixed the clamp, the signal instantly disappeared - so Pamela was finally able to start eliminating the environmental stress she had been accumulating over many months.

Over the next few days, Pamela was able to give up her anti depressants, psychiatrist and counsellor.

A subsequent discussion with the psychologist at the local hospital revealed that there was an unusual incidence of women living on the same street as Pamela, who were being prescribed anti-depressants. They also tended to stay home during the day while their families were out.

It's impossible to say from this single incident that the gas pipe was the primary cause of their depression but, for Pamela, it spelt the difference between being committed to a psychiatric unit - with the additional damage caused by drugs and electro-shock therapy - and the happy and fulfilling life she was subsequently able to achieve.


Pamela is just one of many people whose chronic health problems have successfully been resolved as a positive "side-effect" of having the energies of their homes corrected through Energy Awareness.

Similar corrections to the one made at Pamela’s house have resulted in many children and adults - who had been suffering from long-term, serious illnesses - no longer needing professional help with their problems . . . not just health problems, but also with their relationships, learning abilities or work-related issues as well.

"I, who resisted the idea of Feng Shui, must admit how hugely different I feel in the apartment. I am looking forward to coming home, to being home ... I feel rested and fortunate. As always, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your extraordinary care and knowledge."
Pierre V. NYC

Stephen and Lynda Kane
have written articles for UK publications including Psychology Today, Leading Edge, the International Telegraph and Positive Health. They were also guest speakers at the first national symposium on the growing dangers of environmental energy pollution. Stephen - also known as the "Energy Doctor" - was formerly Director of the Institute for Advanced Health Research, an organisation that pioneered new techniques for treating allergy-related illnesses and associated chronic infections and environmental stresses. Lynda was the Chief Psychologist at British Airways and has been a radio guest and contributor to the national curriculum for psychology students before turning her life towards her energy work full-time..

"I haven't slept this well for years!" Karen H., UK

To learn how to develop your own extraordinary energy awareness, join us at the next, totally unique


"I just wanted to tell you that over the last few days I've felt noticeably improved.  I've been amazed. I can write something in a day that would have taken me weeks before. And, amazingly, my handwriting - which has been very bad with my ME and which I can't normally control - has been much  improved. I'm sure this is all a result of implementing your recommendations."
Janet K., UK

"C" has suddenly got the energy to start sorting years of paper and photograph backlogs that she hasn't been able to touch. She is completely bowled over by the energy she now has when in the house.  She used to get drained and often go to bed when here . . . "P" says the house is feeling much 'lighter' and improving all the time . . . I think the changes are working spectacularly well."
Peter SR, UK

"Thank you so very much for the Living Home consultation. I've felt as if I was recovering from or getting over something. I love the new feeling in my home - the house feels more expanded [walls pushed back] and yet more integrated. I feel as if I sort of flow with an invisible energy naturally from one area to another . . . I'm hooked - I'd have you round each month in my ideal world!"
Sue C, UK

And the other side of the story . . .

"I've had a very similar experience to yours with my own husband after we moved into a new house. Everything went down the tubes, in every way possible soon after we moved in. I knew something was wrong with the house but didn't know anything about [environmental] energy then.
Our relationship became abusive overnight it seemed and I didn't think we'd make it through another year..."

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Is Your Home Supporting Your Life?

"I can't think what it was like now I have no asthma . . . . After 22 years on medication, I now need none whatsoever. It's wonderful feeling this great!"
Margaret T, Wales
All houses contain health, happiness or relationship-damaging environmental stresses - even houses that have been dowsed or "feng shui'd."

The reason for this is that environmental energies - both positive and negative - are everywhere, affecting us all of the time, but most of them can't be detected by scientific or traditional methods.

The reason our clients experience results where both traditional (feng shui or dowsing) and scientific approaches have failed, is that we have spent many years refining our ability to directly perceive, and then demonstrate to you, individual environmental energies at a great level of detail.

In other words, we can show you1 exactly how your health, wealth, relationships, creativity or any other area of your life is being affected by the energies present in each room of your house, flat or office.

"Since you came to my house, my turnover has doubled."
 Mark Lester, The Finchley Clinic

more than 30 years of developing this ability, we have seen thousands of adults and children recover from illnesses or other chronic problems for which they were receiving medical or other forms of help - but still not getting better.

The Living Home consultation is equally suitable for discovering what is blocking your health, wealth, career, relationships, creativity, learning ability, energy level, happiness or success in any area of your life.

"I put into place all the things you suggested . . . The very next morning I received two separate cheques of 50 pounds each as wins on the Premium Bonds . . . As for the relationship side of things, I . . . have been inundated with interested parties!"  Clare V, UK

The Need for Environmental Energy Awareness

The reason it's hard to appreciate the importance of living in a life-supporting environment is that we aren't born with much awareness of our life energies - so we can't tell how they are being affected by our environments.

Since we live in a scientific culture - which largely depends on instrumentation - if neither our senses nor instruments can detect the effects of most environmental energies, these energies are presumed to simply not exist - just as if Geiger counters didn't exist, radiation would be presumed to be 'unscientific' too.

Unfortunately - or sometimes fortunately - environmental energies affect our lives regardless of our awareness or knowledge of their existence.

Every area of your life - and everything that happens in your future - is influenced by your past or current environment. Everything around and in your home has a cumulative effect on you and your future life - whether it be a positive effect like, say, meeting your future partner, or a negative effect, like the development of a serious health or work problem.  

This is why it's so important to create an environment that supports your life in all ways.

You may feel that your home is relatively stress-free - but there are many far stranger sources of environmental stress than vibrating gas mains (see Gas Pipe Blues), ley lines, mobile phone masts or underground water flows. We have seen clients lives dramatically change for the better once they have dealt with stresses emitted by:
  • Pictures, Symbols or Books
  • Colors
  • Furniture, Lights or Mirrors
  • Ornaments
  • Plants
  • Computers or Televisions
  • Refrigerators
  • Floors or Ceilings
  • Medicines or Supplements
  • Cars
  • Jewellery, Clothes or Shoes
  • Roads, Paths or Neighbours' houses
  • Other People
  • And much more besides

"I have just removed the plant from the sitting room and would you believe the sense of relief and freedom that has followed, virtually immediately.  Brilliant! Thanks." Sally S, Brighton

Create A Living Home Without Stress

Creating a life-supporting home environment doesn't have to involve knocking holes through your walls, plugging-in peculiar machines or even clearing up a lot of clutter! We find that many people who wish to create a Living Home are worried that they might have to make all sorts of undesirable changes. But, in fact, we can always work with you to arrive at life-enhancing solutions that are usually easy and aesthetically-pleasing for you.

A Living Home is perfectly adapted to your personal needs. It isn't based on oriental 'rules' about how environments 'ought' to be or theories about 'underground streams' or mysterious energies lurking under your bed. Instead, it always starts off with what's going on with you and your life and what you wish to achieve, then delivers simple means of tailoring your home's energies to support your aims and goals.

Because it involves the direct perception of energies - yours and your home's - it is easy for you to see how your home is affecting you and your life. This is called 'Vision feng shui,' which we have developed and taught to our students all over the world.

A Living Home also offers simple yet very powerful tools for dealing with the effects of electromagnetic stresses such as those emitted by mobile phone masts, portable phones, computer equipment and other electronic devices. The solutions we use are the only ones we've come across that don't cause you new problems. (Most EMF protection devices emit environmental stresses themselves).

Change Your Energy To Change Your Life

We have found, over many years of helping people develop their energy awareness, that you really can ...

change your energies to change your life 

. . . and one of the most powerful ways to change your energies is to start with where you live.

Fees: Please get in touch to discuss your needs and the size of your property.

We offer the full Living Home service for optimizing the energies of your environment to support every area of your life 

Alternatively: the Environmental Stress Survey for identifying the major environmental stresses that are harming your well-being or life.

Design Your Own Living Home

We can also advise on the long-term effects on your health, happiness, relationships, etc. of a plan for your future home. Sometimes, just adjusting the shape of a bedroom or the positions of furniture or appliances can make a huge difference to your well-being over the years following your move into your new home.

Contact us on ...

to book your Living Home 
or if you have any questions

"Someone visited yesterday, who knows our house well. She said, “What have you done to the house – it feels so good!” Karen V.E, N.Z.

The Living Home is available on-site1 or on-line. Lynda and Stephen consult with clients all over the world and have helped clients create their Living Homes from Australia to Iceland and many countries in between! 

The type of feng shui they practice - energy-aware feng shui - means they spend much of their time correcting the energies of properties that have already been feng-shui'd in the traditional manner. Traditional feng shui always generates many side-effects - changing one problem into another. So if you want a home where the energy says "Yes!" in every way ..

Treat Yourself To A Living Home Today!

"My private work is kicking off! I've had two enquiries just today! I'm sure it is a lot to do with my Living Home consultation ..."
Dr. I.W. UK

"Loving my home with it's continuing transformation...I am feeling so good and accomplishing much more than I ever anticipated...Thank you both."
Maggie B, UK

"The energy in the home has changed positively. It is now much smoother and more enjoyable. Very happy with recommended changes. Thank you very much"
Raymond D,  Netherlands

"Thank you Stephen & Lynda for the advice you gave me last year about selling the flat. I implemented everything ... And I just got an offer way over the odds. People just fell in love with the flat."
Annie B, UK

And finally, if you'd like to learn how to develop your own environmental energy awareness - in the advanced Vision Feng Shui Training - come to the next ...

... to learn how you can start transforming your life through making more accurate choices and creating a higher-energy home or work environment.

"I want to cry with relief, I can feel an immediate difference!" P.V., UK

"I wasn’t staying in the house for a bit and only now can experience my room without ... Removing some stuff from under the bed made such a difference in the energy!" Sivaganga, Poland

"... I cannot thank you enough! ... Thank you a billion times." M.K. Switzerland